PowerScape is a runescape private server. It is a 317 server up 24/7 with x100 exp rates. We have one staff member who speaks english and another who speaks norwegian but is ok at english. Owners: Light and Jaxidor
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 glitch at agility place

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PostSubject: glitch at agility place   Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:36 am

i dunno how to post an image but when you first go up to 1st (tree house) and go up in it i was just clicking on the bance to go to the next place and suddenly i could run around ontop of the map dunno how and dunno why but it happend oO
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Lesser Demon
Lesser Demon

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PostSubject: Re: glitch at agility place   Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:45 am

Continuously log out (and log back in) everytime this happens to see the next set of obstacles
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glitch at agility place
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