PowerScape is a runescape private server. It is a 317 server up 24/7 with x100 exp rates. We have one staff member who speaks english and another who speaks norwegian but is ok at english. Owners: Light and Jaxidor
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 donateing runescape acc

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holy pwnag3

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PostSubject: donateing runescape acc   Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:03 am

can i donate my rs acc
santa killar santa(zerker)61 att 60 str 40def 43 pray 61 range 60 hp 80wcing with 1m(he has the santa suit from x mas event)

jocolor ixxhybirdxxl(range 2h pure)30 att 42 str 49 range 43 hp 1 pray (no skilling and not much cash)

both good for pking if u now how to pk. pm me in game or forum as holy pwang3 or darkbowko
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donateing runescape acc
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